Monday, March 29, 2010

Max Lucado- and more

Author Max Lucado is my absolutely favorite author of inspirational non-fiction material! Three of his books featured here are appropriate reading for this Easter season but he has written so many wonderful books that can bring hope and encouragement for whatever trials and tribulations you may have or will have to bear in the future. Even if you aren't experiencing any of life's trials, his books are so uplifting. His chapters are short and can be read all at once or one chapter at a time as one has time to read them. May anyone reading this have a truly blessed Easter.

Friday, March 26, 2010

March "Cafe de Poetry"

The monthly gathering of poetry lovers for "Cafe de Poetry" enjoyed lunch and shared poetry amidst this decor. (I forgot to include the "pot of gold" in the pictures)! There was a real pot of gold "candies" available throughout the past week for anyone checking out reading material from the library. Because of all the national uncertainties I will share one of the poems from this meeting. "In this uncertain world of trouble with its sorrow, sin, and strife, man needs a haven for his heart to endure the storms of life...He keeps hoping for a promise of better, bigger things, with the power and the prestige that fame and fortune bring...And the world is rife with promises that are fast and falsely spoken, for man in his deceptive way, knows his promise can be broken...But when God makes a promise it remains forever true- for everything God promises He unalterably will do ...And when you're disillusioned and every hope is blighted, recall the promises of God and your faith will be relighted." Helen Steiner Rice

Monday, March 22, 2010

The "wild west"

Western lovers were treated to a special medley of western music along with some great dancing by the local high school dance corp . They danced to such tunes as soundtracks from "Rawhide" and "the Good, the Bad and the Ugly. This is an annual spring performance and one I would recommend attending in the future if you didn't enjoy the one this past weekend.
Here at the library we have a very large collection of books by authors of western writings. The three pictured above are books by Tony Hillerman, Louis L'Amour and Zane Grey, all of who are now deceased. We have 89 books by L'Amour which doesn't include the many by him we have on audio format. We have 20 by Zane Grey and 13 by Hillerman. Hillerman is my favorite. Some other western authors in our collection are Lewis Patten, Ray Hogan, Kelton, Mccoy and Johnstone just to name a few. We have a standing monthly order to receive 2 western books from one of our large print distributors which continues to add new books to the library.

Friday, March 19, 2010

Last day of Winter!

Ole' Man Winter wanted to get in one last punch before Spring! All the snow from the front of the library was all gone yesterday, especially after reaching near 60 degrees but it's obviously NOT 60 degrees today! The good news is that tomorrow is the beginning of Spring and so whatever snow sticks around until then will be melted soon after. We even saw our first full day of sunshine yesterday in more than a week and can look forward to more warm, sunny days next week. If you should notice the big red flyer on the front window it tells about our town's up and coming annual Pelican Festival scheduled for Sunday, April 11. We are hoping the pelicans are able to get here in time. Watch for pictures of this event in April.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Memorial Books

Money, money, money! We are very fortunate to have money donated every month in memory of loved ones who have died. Occasionally books are just donated to enhance our collection but the majority are actual memorials. Those pictured above are some of our most recent ones and do include several memoirs or biographies of living celebrities. I am presently reading the one by Andy Williams for several reasons. One, I love his kind of music and especially his signature song which is part of the book's title (Moon River); second, his birthplace is the town of Wall Lake just 5 miles from here; third he writes about many famous people that bring back fun memories from my childhood, and last but not least is the fact the book I am reading was donated to the library after we already had one on our memorial shelf. Therefore, I can read it at my leisure and not hold up the opportunity for someone else to read the one pictured above!!

Friday, March 12, 2010

Dick Francis/ horses

Dick Francis, a prolific author, was recently added to the list of authors who have died in just the past few weeks of 2010. He was an English horse racing crime writer and retired jockey. I must admit I have not yet read one of the 35 books we have by him in this library although I am an avid horse lover. That is the reason I have added this picture of an Indian war horse that stands on a table in my home. I also once owned a thoroughbred horse that often grazed on the very land this library now stands. This horse statue has a rather unique origin. Several years ago while living in New Mexico, an art fad was started to create a variety of "painted horses" (probably similar to the barn quilts here in Iowa). There were then, all over the state of N.M., horse statues designed with all kinds of art work from the more natural to the surreal. They could be purchased in all sizes but the lifesize ones were the ones that were judged and could be seen in various stores or buildings throughout the state.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010


Here are two views of the angelic display we have this month at the Lake View Library. I certainly believe my personal guarding angel was watching over me as I drove myself the 9 miles to the nearest hospital last week! I learned upon arriving that I was suffering a "kidney stone attack"! I don't wish one of those on even my worst enemy!! I ask a special blessing on anyone reading this that you, too, will be as fortunate as I was as you experience any future "bumps along the road" that so often come to us hear on Earth. Isn't it actually reassuring to know that this life with all its ups and downs is only a temporary existence. Wonder what a real angel will look like?

Thursday, March 4, 2010

St. Patrick's display

Green, green, everywhere. That is our wish to be sure!! Oh to see green grass and green trees soon!! Until then we'll have to settle for books about St. Patrick's Day. The one in front is an easy read rhyming book with absolutely gorgeous illustrations. Here are the words on the first page: "Top o' the morning! It's March seventeen. The Leprechaun family is wearing the green." The author is Teddy Slater. That's What Leprechauns Do by the well known author Eve Bunting is another one I would recommend. It is a humorous story to make you laugh. If you have ever watched and enjoyed the Irish step dancers, the book Kathleen O'Byrne, Irish Dancer is another easy read with great pictures to inspire any young dancers.