Monday, January 31, 2011

Winter fun on the ice!

Three ways to have "fun" on a frozen lake are seen from my lakeside home! All 3 scenes were viewed on the same Sunday afternoon. My vivacious neighbor to the east was trying to keep up with her skiing practice (that was definitely a new sight to see as I looked out my window ) and my neighbor on the west enjoyed snowmobiling with two of his sons. The "older" son even has his own snowmobile. Then even further out on the lake I saw the first TRUCK of this winter that was next to an ice fishing hut. I remember how surprised I was a couple years ago when I first moved to my lakeside home to see a truck of all things driving across the frozen lake! Now I can add "skiing" to the list of new things to see on Black Hawk Lake!!

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Birthday flowers

Just had to "show off" my beautiful birthday flowers received from my Florida "kids" seen in the picture. They were delivered to the library where I work and since more people will get to enjoy them there will probably leave the arrangement at the library instead of taking it home. I would probably have an ongoing battle keeping my new kitten from literally destroying the beauty of the flowers anyway. I have some "beautiful" kids, too, don't I!! Praise God for them.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Snowmobile Drag Races!!

What a great new winter event for this small Iowa town!! Our first ever snowmobile drag races. Unfortunately,I wasn't able to be one of the many spectators but was able to acquire these fabulous shots from someone who was!! There were over 20 participants who ran in different categories. A picture of the winners can be seen on my facebook for those who have access to that. A picture will also be forthcoming I'm sure in local newspapers. The next big event for Lake View is the annual Arctic Open - a unique game of golf on the frozen ice of Black Hawk Lake. That event is the weekend of Feb. 5 along with a kids' sledding parting at the 'ole log cabin.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Lakewood Ballroom

Memories oh memories!! Can't you see the dancers on the dance floor. Can't you see all the people enjoying a meal in the banquet area. There are many memories associated with this building that is no longer being used. Oh that someone would be able to purchase it and restore it to the memorable uses it had in the past: whether eating, dancing, even rollerskating or just plain socializing. Many high school class reunions as well as special family events were often held in the spacious rooms seen here. The town museum has numerous pictures showing the history of this building from the early 1900's to the recent past that do indeed take one through "memory lane".

Friday, January 14, 2011

Winter/Summer Fun

What a difference a season can be!! Both of these pictures were taken in the Bay area of Black Hawk Lake but as you can see the activity and scenery is much different. One must really enjoying fishing to sit out on the ice on a cold and cloudy day! Such huts can be seen at different locations on the lake including the area where I live but I was able to get a closer shot of these 3 as they are right off our beach area. Tomorrow, ice fishing enthusiasts will again be meeting at the library before going out in the cold for practical training.

A new upcoming event for our small town will be snowmobile drag races on January 22. Should be an interesting event to watch if one doesn't care to participate.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Flurryville Window Display

This is our latest new window display - Flurryville Snowmen. One must come in and see the variety of snowy characters displayed. With the foot of snow we accumulated in the past 24 hours these characters would feel "right at home". One of my favorites in this collection (but you can't see it in this picture) is one of a snowman with a fishing pole. I like this one because I am in awe of all the ice fishermen (and women if there are any) that I see from my lakeside view this time of year!

This coming Saturday, Jan. 15 there will be another ice fishing clinic. It starts at 9:00 a.m. at the library and will then go out to an icy area for actual "hands on" fishing.