Friday, February 24, 2012

First Snowfall of 2012!

It is late February, 2012, and this part of Iowa finally got its first snowfall of the year and probably the biggest of the entire winter season!! It started out as a beautiful light snowfall and was up to possible blizzard conditions by mid-evening so that I'm sure any drivers out of town were having a tough time, but for those of us safe at home it was actually quite pretty. We woke up to a true winter wonderland with the sun shining so brightly that the pictures I took this morning are too light for me to post at this time. Will have to try and get some better pictures before all this snow melts - as it will probably do in only a few days. Above freezing temps are again forecast for this truly unusual Iowa winter!

Friday, February 17, 2012

More Valentine party pics

Just a couple more pictures from the Valentine "after school hour" held this past week. The entry way had hanging hearts for the kids to walk under as they entered the room and a special chocolate dessert was also brought in for them to enjoy along with their usual popcorn and drink. When all had arrived we had 22 children who got to color special velveteen cards to take home with the crafts they made the previous week. Next week's events will be back to game time!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Library Valentine Party

22 children attended our Monday "after school hour" event on Feb. 13th! A special chocolate treat was prepared by patron Jonathon Stehr and enjoyed by all along with our weekly supply of popcorn and drink. Some special holiday decor added a little "romance" to the room and children who had attended the Valentine craft day last week (magnets & a catepillar) found their craft wrapped in pink tissue to take home. Children were able to color specially made "velvet cards" while enjoying their food and watching the latest movie by those lovable talking dogs on Treasure Buddies. Next week we will be back to game time with prizes.

Friday, February 10, 2012

Frosty Trees

As we continue to have an unusual winter season, we do get to enjoy such awesome sights as these frosty trees. While neighboring towns received snow, all we got was frost!

And with the temperature rising above freezing AGAIN, all this beautiful frost was gone by noon! We can't claim very warm temperature today, Feb. 10, as we are having to endure a wind chill that is way below zero!! Brrrrr! Oh well, we'll be warming up again in a few days!!