Monday, August 29, 2011

Kid's Pioneer Day 2011

We had another successful Kid's Pioneer Day at our authentic log cabin. There were 45 plus kids in attendance along with several of their parents. The weather was most cooperative providing sunshine and a cool breeze. Three boys from Harlan were impressed with their Lincoln log construction (one had to run to his campsite to get his own camera) and our local outdoorsman, Lon, was another big hit this year with his fire making skills and log sawing. Girls seem to continue to actually enjoy washing clothes the pioneer way and dressing up in long dresses. Former school teacher, Lois, filled in this year as our one room school teacher and there were funs games to play as well. Bags of jelly beans were given out to game participants. Homemade ice cream and even homemade butter skills were given with samples to keep . Ron & Joyce again provided fry bread and stew for everyone's taste buds. Another teacher showed off her natural dye making skills along with the homemade ice cream. Looking forward to adding something new to next year's event along with the standby favorites! It is an event being held every last Saturday in August for those needing to put it on their calendars.

Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Carlsbad Cavern's Jim White memorial

During my recent visit to Carlsbad, N.M. I visited this new memorial to the somewhat infamous rancher/farmer who is credited with discovering the Carlsbad Caverns that are located about 20 miles south of Carlsbad. It is hard to imagine someone willing to climb down into the then never discovered caverns since there were not the electric lights one can now depend on to light the way. Also, as depicted here, Jim White had only a rope ladder to use compared to the nicely paved walkway tourists can now use - not to mention there is even an elevator for the less agile. Having lived in this area most of my adult life including my college days I have visited the caverns more than once but have never taken the more primitive trip that is now available for the more hardy cavers since additional cave openings have been discovered. I prefer now to visit the large gift shop and restaurant at the top that has a spectacular view of the surrounding desert all the way into Mexico "on a clear day"!

Friday, August 19, 2011

Kid's Pioneer Day Pics!

The 3rd annual Kid's Pioneer Day events are scheduled for August 27, from 10:00 a.m. - Noon! Here are pictures from last year's event. The popular sack races along with some other games will take place and "winners" get jelly bean prizes. Old fashioned laundry and dressing up in pioneer type clothing (although they have to settle for adult sizes) has also been a favorite event. This year kids will actually get to sit at a spinning wheel to experience how one works. They will also get to see how butter was made and taste some homemade butter AND ICE CREAM this year! Lon Buse, our avid outdoorsman, has another surprise task planned for this year. In the past he showed the children how to saw wood to make a log bed and how to whittle whistles out of wood. The Bettin family will continue to provide food cooked over the open fireplace inside the log cabin. Children of all ages are welcome to attend and there is no charge.

Tuesday, August 16, 2011

"Poker Run" on Blackhawk Lake

I got to see a little of the annual "poker run" this summer -- especially since one of my neighbors was one of the "stops" boaters could retrieve their prize. Seen here are some of the hardy souls who enjoyed the sunshine from the dock location and then there are those who chose to merely partake from a more comfortable location in the shade! It was a great day weatherwise for those who had signed up for the event as was the weather for the recent Carp Fishing Contest that took place this past weekend. Learned that some lucky person did catch a $1,000 fish!!

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

"Fishing Gear"

This is the newest window display at the Lake View Public Library - "Fishing Gear". It is a collection from one of the local residents who represents the many avid fishing enthusiasts that come to beautiful Black Hawk Lake! In fact, the 30th annual Carp Fishing Contest is scheduled for this August 13-14. $10,000 is also the "lure" that attracts! There are 10 fish tagged that could earn someone a thousand dollars and there are also other prizes for those who catch the smallest, largest and other identifying factors. If the weather on this weekend is as great as it is today, the lake area should be a very busy place!

Friday, August 5, 2011

Fiesta Party Finale

This year's summer reading program ended with a "Fiesta Party"! I even brought back a pinata from my trip to New Mexico just days before. Since a label says "Made in Mexico" that must make it authentic right?! Pictured here are the main prize winners of the summer and a few of the participants who helped smash open the pinata - thus the joyful scramble to pick up its contents. We ended up using one of the prize totebags as the blindfold. I was pleased to average over 20 children at the other 4 special programs held in June but didn't get that many at this final program. That was ok as those that did come got more to eat!!

Monday, August 1, 2011

Best Western SaddleBack Motel

One of my favorite Best Western Motels that I usually stay at when traveling from Iowa to New Mexico is this one located in Oklahoma City, OK. My grandson and I recently spent the night here at the Saddleback Motel. You can probably tell why it is a favorite from all the southwestern decor in the lobby, restaurant area and even on the walls that lead up to an exercise room! The food and rooms are also a real plus. It is also located very close to a huge waterpark although I have not yet taken any of my children to visit it.