Friday, November 26, 2010

Library Moving Day 2010

Here are some scenes of a busy day of emptying out an entire library of ALL its contents!! Thanks to the many volunteers and city employees the library was ready for the foundation work needed to level and stabilize the floor. Two large trucks like the one seen here were donated for use by a local businessman and other large items were stored in churches and our local museum. We are still not entirely open as there has been a delay in delivery of the carpet for our childrens' area but we officially opened this week of November 22nd. The president of our library board has earned a "round of applause" for all the volunteer hours and stress filled hours she has given toward the completion of this awesome task. She will be ready for her annual trek south to warmer weather after the holiday season!!

Monday, November 22, 2010

Sega Fredo, Fl

After having to de-ice my windshield this a.m. I am wishing I were back in Florida!!! These sunny, warm scenes are where my son works on Lincoln Road, a high tourist outdoor-mall like area in Miami Beach. It is an area of about 5 blocks of outdoor eating places and a variety of shops. There is no east to west vehicle traffic from one end to the other which is what makes it a unique outdoor mall.

Thursday, November 18, 2010

Deep, Deep Snow

Our first major snowfall since last winter fell 6 days ago and we still have some heavy piles of snow around. These pictures show how deep the snow was on my two lakeside deck tables-one measured 11 inches and the wrought iron table measured 8 1/2 inches!!! Fortunately since these are on the south side of my home all the snow has since melted. That is not the case on my northside drive way!! Oh, to be back in Florida where I was last month!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Miscellaneous Fall Pictures

How about these extremely different pictures I recently took!! The beautiful fall tree is in the backyard of an Omaha, NE. friend, the center picture is what trees look like year round in Miami, Fl., and the sunset picture was another picture taken from my own lakefront yard! Since returning from Florida in mid-October, Iowa has been a roller coaster of temps. I returned to very chilly weather, then somewhat warmer to then cold enough to light my fireplace and now these past few days have felt like summer!! Did hear some good news this a.m. with a local tv weather lady saying Iowa WON'T be having as bad a winter as last year. Hooray!!!

Monday, November 1, 2010

Scenes from Miami

Notice all the traffic here!! That is one of the reasons I no longer live here but enjoy visiting my children who do enjoy the big city life. As a librarian I always like to visit different libraries. This one in North Miami Beach is quite small but within walking distance from my son's home.
Fortunately my two week visit this past month included great weather with little to none humidity --- until the day I left. One of these pictures shows the scenic high rise view my dauther has from her place of employment with Zyscovich Architects. She works on the 27th floor that overlooks the Bay of Biscayne and Bayside. The boat picture was taken at ground level at Bayside, a very high tourist area where one can take rental boat rides, shop and eat and attend various outdoor concerts, etc.