Monday, November 28, 2011

A frosty, icy Nov. Morn

Took these pictures this late November morning to show the early morning frost on my deck and the division of ice and water on the lake. With the below freezing temps. rising again into the 40s the ice will again probably turn to water. Our unusually mild November afternoons (despite some rather chilly winds at times) have enabled me to continue saving money on electricity as I haven't had to turn on a crawl space heater that I use to keep pipes from freezing once our winter weather settles in for good. Sunny days have also added to the pleasant days of November 2011. Thanksgiving Day itself was a real record heat breaker in Omaha where I was on that day this year - they reached into the 70s!!!!

Monday, November 21, 2011

Lake View's 2011 Tourism "Party"

Hooray for our small Iowa town!! We received the Iowa 2011 Community Tourism of the Year Award! A special celebration party was open to all on Thursday the 10th with lots and lots of food and drink! Pictured here are some of the key people who had a part in organizing the event as well as providing the information to the state of Iowa regarding all the wonderful year round events this small Iowa town provided for both residents and visitors! For more information on all of our events check out the town's website or

Thursday, November 10, 2011

Library Open House

After a year from our major renovation project when absolutely EVERYTHING was removed to do foundation repair work, the Lake View Public Library held its open house this week to showcase all the work that was done and to honor all those who contributed both financially and physically in this project. Newly appointed President of the Friends of the Library, Lorraine Peterson provided both the beautiful window display of fall items but she also provided the table decor and goodies for the open house. She is seen here with board treasurer, Karen Van Meveren, who was president of the library board of trustees during the year of all the renovation work. It was a rough year to be president but she did a great job.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Halloween at the Library

Our first ever "spook room" at the library was a huge success this year. Once the lights were out and we had jack-o-lanterns and candles all lit, it really did take on a spooky feeling. We will definitely want to decorate again next year as it brought in over 60 children not counting the parents that came with them. Hopefully word will now spread and next year we will have more (the downtown businesses had over 200 ).

Two of my able assistants did their part and dressed out for the occasion and helped pass out goodies. Volunteer patrons also contributed by loaning some of the "spooky" decor items which, along with all the cobwebs and Halloween visitors, made for a fun event.