Sunday, October 17, 2010

Enroute to Florida from Iowa

My 3 day drive from Iowa to Florida included several rest stops. Thought this rest area near Iowa City was quite unique. The Florida one was visited on my 3rd day of driving. It took all of day 3 to cross the northern part of Florida and then all the way south to Miami Beach. I was blessed with good weather the entire trip and arrived in busy Miami Beach just after sunset. The middle picture shows the view across the street from my son's new home in North Miami Beach. As I experienced the 2 years I lived in this city, the heavy traffic hasn't lessened ONE BIT!! One reason I love small town life if Iowa.

Thursday, October 7, 2010

In memory of Kirk Hansen

This is one of my last pictures of a very dear friend taken at this year's Kid's Pioneer Day. Kirk will be remembered by many for his out going personality, his willingness to help in any situation, and as seen here his interest in history. He will be missed by not only his family as seen in the other two pictures posted here but by his many friends both in Omaha, NE. and here in small town Lake View. Heaven is even better with Kirk's arrival as he continues to visit with old and new friends as he was known to do in great length while here on Earth. Hope to see you again soon, dear friend.