Thursday, August 30, 2012

4th Annual Kid's Pioneer Day

Our 4th annual Kid's Pioneer Day was a somewhat bittersweet day. For the first time it rained on this day! The rain was badly needed for the area since we hadn't had a significant rainfall since last fall but it did keep the usual crowd of children and adults home on this particular event. For those of us who did come though it was a fun time of food, games and fellowship.  Our "pioneer teacher" again came dressed for the occasion and thanks to a newly renovated wardrobe of dress up clothes, one of the students wanted to have that "pioneer look" as well. We had some new pioneer games for the children which I will now make use of during my Monday "after school hour" fun at the library. Two children are seen here playing with one of the bean bag games while staying under the roof of the cabin. Stew was again cooked over the fireplace inside the cabin and a more modern campstove was used to make fry bread. Lon came prepared to again have the children make fire without matches and the children continue to thoroughly enjoy sawing logs. One grandfather commented when trying to get his grandson to leave, "Guess I'll have to set up a sawhorse at home and let him saw logs all day to keep him entertained!"

Saturday, August 11, 2012

New Kitchen Look

Showing off my absolutely wonderful new kitchen look! Everyone who knew what it looked like before are in "awe" when they see the transformation! The general comment is how it seemed to open up the entire area. There was no "island" before and the old cabinets did NOT go all way to the ceiling.  The new stove is now a gas burning stove instead of a flat top electric stove. The overall decor goes with the southwest flare one can also see in the living area space as the gas fireplace also has the same geometrical shaped design on the mantel as seen above the window in this picture.

Friday, August 3, 2012


Just another busy day at the library!  YEAH! It was RAGBRAI! The library usually doesn't have people laying around on the floor or even sitting all around on the floor -  unless we're having a special children's event. This is just a couple scenes of how many RAGBRAI participants chose to spend the extremely hot afternoon of July 23rd!  Needless to say, with over 400 bodies in and out of our building the AC had to work overtime and I, personally, couldn't tell much difference from inside to outside but our visitors evidently felt  they were better off in our library than outside somewhere. They were most complimentary, too, of the patience shown by the library staff as many patiently waited their turn to use one of the 5 public access computers.