Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Doreen Cronin-Author

These 3 new books by a very gifted and often humorous children's author are part of the 68 new books the library recently received from the Libri Foundation. The duck is part of a wide collection of other water "animals" roosting around the children's area as part of the Make A Splash summer reading program theme. I am "headlining" the Doreen Cronin books as we have over a dozen of her books. They all have "talking" animals. I especially enjoyed reading to my elementary students the Dairy ones as it very funny to imagine as you read of a worm or as pictured above, a spider writing in 1st person narrative.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Puppet Fun with Lisa Laird

Pockets Full of Fun- an interactive puppet performance by Lisa Laird was another great success at this summer's reading program
held last week. Lisa and her puppets are well known throughout the state and probably others as well as she knows how to get kids to interact and learn through the art of puppetry. As seen in just a few pictures here she uses colorful props and posters. She also has special "gifts" for each participant at the end of her shows. We look forward to having her back next summer. If you want more information here is her website:www.pocketsfulloffun.com

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Tapestry of Tables!

If you have never attended one of these "Tapestry of Table" events you have missed out on a truly gorgeous fund raiser (my opinion at least). Here are just a few pics of some of the many tables hosted by the Lutheran Church women's annual fund raiser. Even you men might find the variety of creative displays by the hostesses to be worth viewing--even if you don't stay and enjoy the delicious salads and special desserts each hostess provides that are usually related to the table's specific theme. You will also notice that some ladies literally "dress" the part! If you click on the individual pictures you can get a closer look at the details provided. I imagine the ladies at the table with the bird cage never thought they would eat lunch amidst a cluster of bird nests!! I was privileged to sit at one of the two tables designed around a sewing machine/quilt theme.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Alligators in the Library!!!

Remember those alligators from Florida? If you missed them scroll back to some December/January posts. Anyway, these baby reptiles visited the library this past Wednesday as part of the 2010 Summer Reading Program. Needless to say when the kids saw what was coming out of the covered cage there were a lot of ooohs and aaaahhs to be heard! The program was possible thanks to the Blank Park Zoo from Des Moines."Make a Splash" is the theme for this summer and I'm sure these repiles know how to do just that!!

Friday, June 11, 2010

Remember When- #2 view

Now that warm weather has decided to stay around my "secret garden" flowers are happily blooming after being buried under all that blanket of snow this past winter!! This area is also well sheltered from the often atrocious winds we get off the lake such as many experienced just yesterday!! My neighbor's boat lift and tarp were damaged from an unusual burst of wind just yesterday a.m. and I heard tales from people of other scattered damage reports ... one of which was about another neighbor's damaged outdoor grill! And it isn't one of those small grills!

Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Special Museum Train Display

This new museum display is a MUST to come see. It is a grand addition donated by Dr. M.A. Durst and his lovely wife who were long time residents of this town. He was the local dentist for many years (and my own dentist throughout my childhood) and both were active in community affairs. Mrs. Durst was on the library board for many years. The close up picture shows the library and my father's doctor office which is still next door but owned now by TRIMARK.
The train "travels" through Dr. Durst's hometown of Danbury, Ia. as well as Lake View and around Blackhawk Lake. This has been a special hobby of Dr. Durst for many years and this town is now blessed to have him donate it to the Lake View Historical Museum. It is like giving up your favorite toy. Thanks to both of you.

Saturday, June 5, 2010

World War II Fighter Planes

Our June window display is a collection of World War II fighter plane collector's plates in honor of those who fought and may have given their "ultimate sacrifice" for our country. We also have two great picture books about these very planes - books donated to the library from a local war veteran, Eugene Stock. He also donated several other great books about the war era for you history "buffs" to enjoy.

Friday, June 4, 2010

"Make A Splash" in Blackhawk Lake

"Make a Splash" is the 2010 theme for the summer reading program at libraries around the state. The above books depict 3 of the topics: pirates, ocean life and ponds and river life along with all the fun ways to enjoy water. This latter can be seen in the lake view of all the boaters gathered in the town bay area of Blackhawk Lake. This fairly new way of summer socialization has become quite the scene on a weekend here in Lake View, Iowa. It is much different than when I was growing up here. Children who register for the summer reading program will get to make their own splashes of fun at a "pool party" in June and a beach party in July.