Thursday, April 28, 2011

Coffee at the Log Cabin - 2011

Our first "coffee at the cabin" for 2011 was held this past Wednesday with a good showing of 8 participants. Due to the chilly "spring weather" our faithful "cabinman" got a warm fire going for us before we women gathered for good food and fellowship. We were so warm and cozy we actually stayed longer than usual. Notice the use of the 'ole ironing board
that we used to display all our "goodies"! Next gathering is scheduled for Wednesday, June 29th at 9:00 a.m. I feel certain we won't need the fireplace then and can again sit out under the porch roof.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Pelicans still here!

On this unseasonably cold April day the pelicans didn't seem to mind it one bit. There were many out enjoying an early breakfast despite the at freezing temperatures that even brought a light covering of snow to our area this late in April. You can see some of the snow in the tree. I have learned that if I step outside to get closer pictures they quickly float or fly away so I feel lucky to have gotten this lone pelican's picture as close as it is. With most all the boat docks out in my area of the lake, once boat lifts are put in and boat traffic begins, the pelicans will move to safer territory.

Monday, April 18, 2011

Civil War Clothing

An interesting presentation of Civil War clothing was held at the Carroll Museum recently. The members of this Civil War re-enactment group came dressed in period clothing and even though it was primarily to show case women's clothing, the women were escorted by their husbands since that was the custom then. Quite different from today when women go just about anywhere alone. I wasn't able to stay for their entire program due to the Pelican Fest going on in L.V. but did hear some interesting tidbits of information and learned how to properly sit down with a hoop skirt on!! Did you know that the reason many chairs back then only had one "arm" was to accomodate men with their swords and women wearing hoops ?

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Pelican Fest Events - 2011

Pelican Fest 2011 began with an omelet breakfast by the Lake View Lion's Club (I failed to get a picture of this) that was enjoyed by over 300 people. Other events of the day included viewing of live pelicans around the lake. The wilflife group SOAR were present with a few live birds like this grey horned owl and a screech owl that was released just before I got there. The local museum was the site of 3 hourly power point presentations by Rene Stroud of the Sac County Conservation Dept. Over 80 people visited the museum during this time. There were also Percheron drawn wagon rides for those wishing to re-live the slowness of traffic before the invention of the automobile and THEN....

the "grand finale" of this year's Pelican Fest was the first ever PELICAN PLUNGE! The creative entrant shown here even created and wore her own specially designed jewelry for the event before taking the plunge herself! Other than the fact the warm weather turned cold and cloudy it was a successful event and one to look forward to again next April 15!

Monday, April 11, 2011


Lake View's first "Pelican Plunge" event was a huge success in my opionion. Not only were there several brave participants but a large crowd showed up to view the event on April 10th. That was the day of the 3rd annual Pelican Fest. This new event will most likley be repeated next year! Some of the participants' pictures here are: members of the High School football team and their coach, 3 "women" (men) from the local Mens Club, one of our local policemen and some real "classy" students in their Easter attire! Our mayor was the first to "plunge" in the 40 some degree water and our city councilman and one of his sons finished the event. It was truly a unique spectacle for all of us in attendance from the very young to the very elderly in our small town- one that will be talked about for some time I'm sure.

Saturday, April 2, 2011

Tapestry of Tables 2011

Another year for the creative ladies of our local Lutheran Church! Here are just a few pix of the ones I took of this year's annual Tapestry of Tables. I was privileged to eat at the "Grandmother's Kitchen" table and enjoy homemade lime pickles and apple pie ala mode! Of course there was the usual variety of delicious salad choices including the ever popular deviled eggs!! How these ladies can come up with a different theme each year is a wonder to enjoy! Congratulations ladies for another excellent luncheon!