Tuesday, February 22, 2011

African "Safari" Presentation

A handful of people braved the cold weather to witness an African safari presentation by Jean Huegerich last night. She gave an outstanding presentation that was laced with humor, knowledge and great pictures taken from her high quality camera. It has been suggested that she develop a way to display some of the many pictures and souvenirs in our library display window in the near future.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

February Penguins

A look at our February window display -- a penguin collection belonging to Pat Smith. These penguins probably wouldn't be too happy around Lake View these past few days. We have been pleasantly "teased" with an early taste of early spring-like weather. Still ice on our lake for any lost penguins that should show up and with our open water area in the bay they would even be able to easily find some fish to eat. Speaking of penguins though - I have somehow literally lost some of my own penguins I have used for displays in the children's area. If anyone reading this has some to donate they would be lovingly cared for.

Monday, February 7, 2011

Log Cabin Sledding Party 2011

How is this for new transportation to our local museum/log cabin? Our 2nd annual log cabin sledding party was a great success in terms of weather and participants. The 30 degree temperature helped to bring 15 kids out to sled down the hill beside the log cabin. One of the pictures posted here includes a couple of brave adults who were willing to attempt a slide down . They discovered that those of "lighter weight" had better success!! A special thank you to the city workers who cleared snow for easier access to both the cabin and the museum but especially for the path seen in these pictures that provided the best sledding hill for a fun afternoon event. Hot chocolate, desserts and hot dogs (that one had to cook themselves over the cabin fireplace) were available inside our authentic 1800 log cabin.