Thursday, May 23, 2013

First skier, May 2013

 Finally getting to see some activity from my lake front view! The month of May, 2013 is almost over and the weather being so unseasonably cold or wet has kept a lot of people off the lake.  Fortunately all the rain has helped to raise the level of the lake which I'm sure has also helped in bringing out this first skier of the season.  There was actually a boat out earlier this morning pulling two people on one of those two seater tubes. Notice how green the grass is also, thanks to all the rain -  and the weather forecast predicts at least 6 more days of potential rain.  Today's sunshine will be greatly enjoyed by many I'm sure.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

New Baby recipients for May 2013

The Lake View Library was glad to again present new board books to two more new baby arrivals to the community.  Both of these moms were present during a special library program presented by Rick the Magician who was performing for our summer reading program "kick off". These moms weren't expecting to receive these books at this time but hope they will want to return to the library in the future and take advantage of all the library offers our young children. Speaking of young children, the summer reading program events and means of earning points toward prizes begins Monday, June 3rd!!!

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Earth Day Fun

 For Earth Day this year we had the "after school hour" kids plant some flower seeds (Marigolds) with the purpose of having them ready to take home by "Mother's Day".  They also participated in a small group activity where Ms. Marcia had three different bags of items the students had to categorize into items that one could either recycle, reuse or reduce.  The "grand finale" of the day was getting to eat some "dirt cake". This is a special recipe of pudding, crunched up oreo cookies with gummy worms mixed inside! We'll have this same dessert for our end of the summer reading program awards day since the theme this year is "Dig Into Reading"!