Saturday, February 23, 2013

February 2013 Snowfall

This was only our 2nd really significant snowfall this winter season and was actually one most residents welcomed!  Last year was such a dry winter/summer and this winter has almost been as dry. The wild cats I have been feeding (see the paw prints) haven't liked all the snow though as I usually feed them from that deck doorway that is still snow packed. These picks are 2 days old and being on the south side don't show as much snow as what was there on Friday morning after a night of heavy snow. The patio table probably had close to the reported 8 inches had I gone out with my ruler that morning and measured. Sunshine since the snowfall has made the snow "picture perfect" in many places and thanks to crew workers the roads are easily driven upon. With possible more snow expected in another day or so the needed moisture will continue to be a blessing.  Just so Spring doesn't forget to arrive soon thereafter!!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

2013 Arctic Golf Event

These are pics of the very last team of golfers out literally golfing on frozen BlackHawk Lake. About 45 minutes after these pictures were taken an sudden heavy fog and snowfall began. The fog rolled in so fast it was actually unabelievable. I suddendly couldn't even see across the lake. The homes and trees seen in these pictures were totally "fogged over"! I attempted to find out who was playing on this team but noone evidently heard me calling out to them. Too engrossed in their game I guess.
It was good that the Men's Club were able to have this event this year as they weren't able to last year.  Unfortunately, there wasn't enough snow around for me to have my "Kid's Sledding Fun" at the log cabin.