Saturday, December 21, 2013

Longing for "summer"

With winter just about here but all we have really experienced so far is cold, cold weather and very little snow I decided to enjoy looking at these pictures I took last spring when the first skiers took to the water outside my lakeside home. The green grass really looks great compared to the cold brown yard outside my home right now. With not even white snow to make the yard look somewhat pretty one can only enjoy looking at pictures of prettier scenes.  Must admit though that there is still some accumulation of the white stuff on the north side of my home - the side we lake dwellers call our "back yard".  Merry Christmas anyway even though little if any snow may be here by next week's special holiday.  Oh well, one can always watch the movie White Christmas!

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Library October Fun

October offers a lot of fun ideas for kids. A skeleton "race" was held to see which team could correctly put together the bones of a human skeleton.  Another activity was the participation of children in acting out parts to the Caldecott book Creepy Carrots by Aaron Reynolds. The children made simple "carrot masks" to participate.  Then the town decided to have a city wide scarecrow contest.  Some of my "after school hour" children posed in front of the scarecrow that we actually used a year ago (or maybe it was two years ago) along with the reading of The Little Scarecrow Boy by Margaret Brown. The scarecrow had to be changed somewhat in order to withstand the elements but he survived two weeks of sunshine, wind and rain!

Saturday, October 19, 2013

Canterbury Inn

 I recently had the privilege of staying at this very unique Best Western Inn called the Canterbury Inn & Suites in Coralville, IA.  I am a frequent visitor of Best Western motels and this one in particular will be one I will probably never forget!! Such an awesome ambiance as you walk in and find yourself transplanted back in time to the age of chivalry!  It was a wonderful surprise and as such I had to take the time to walk around and take several pictures - some of which are posted here.  BECAUSE I learned that the BW "powers that be" are mandating a change in the overall look of this particular motel. Soon visitors will probably not be able to walk across this bridge and water wheel upon entering the lower level restaurant.  Probably the two long wall murals will be painted over. The canopy bed I was privileged to enjoy may no longer be part of the furniture found in rooms. Many of the room doors have very unique "coat of arms" decor on them. It will be a couple of years before all the changes are expected to be visible so if such an experience is one you would like to have, you will need to visit this motel soon! 

Tuesday, October 8, 2013

skeleton fun

A picture of some of the students who took part in a skeleton building contest. Two teams were given skeleton parts and had to try and arrange them correctly.  First team to complete the task correctly were rewarded with DumDum suckers.  They also cut out paper "bones" and since the weather was nice enough and not windy they hid the bones outside and then had fun trying to find them.  The book that I shared with the students was one called The Bones of Fred McGee by Eve Bunting, a popular author of many. 

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Author Janet Dailey visit

Saturday, September 7 was a very special days for some of us Sac County librarians and fellow book lovers - especially if those who have enjoyed reading any of the 100 plus books written by the native Iowa author, Janet Dailey. The hot and muggy weather didn't keep 90 some people from attending this special "meet and greet" event. No one was disappoinated in the author's presentation.  She gave a brief history of how she began her writing career and then explained the reasoning behind some of the particular books she has written. She has been to every state in the United States for representation and when asked her worst and favorite she claimed Texas as the one with most material to keep her motivated and that Delaware was the hardest which is why that particular book became one of her more humorous books. I personally have enjoyed her books with a western theme so when she mentioned she is thinking of a future book with a theme around Arabian horses, I had to personally encourage her to keep that future plan in place!!
The author spoke and took questions for a good hour and a half and then allowed for one on one book signings for anyone who had brought books along for that purpose. Lots of sweet goodies were available thanks to the county librarians and either their board members or library friends. It was definitely a pleasant and welcome event.

Friday, August 23, 2013

Back Hoe "visitor"

The finale event for this summer's reading program was a visit from a city backhoe.  Two city employees drove the backhoe to the library and let the children climb up in the machine before showing off some of the different ways it can be used.  One of the impressive moves was just the process of extending the "balance legs
before anything else could be done.  The children got to see it extend up as high as the trees or use the scoop for clearing off debris in the street.  This event also included a special "dirt cake" for an edible treat as well as the awarding of various prizes to winners for their reading efforts during the summer.

Friday, August 2, 2013

Succulent Plants

I have become totally "addicted" to succulent plants this year!! Maybe because they represent the kind of plants that survive best in dry, desert climates.  Since I miss living in the southwest I am bringing a little of the southwest to my home and garden here in Iowa.  I have a few more such plants not pictured here and once Iowa's winter weather arrives, I will have to have all my succulents moved safely indoors.  Will then have to take a "group picture" of them I guess to share with interested people. Had to also include this lovely picture of my precious granddaughter from Florida who blessed me with a short visit earlier this summer.