Friday, December 31, 2010

Misty, my new kitten

Here are some scenes of my new kitten, Misty, as she is having fun with one of the bags I use to carry things to and from the library. She has been enjoying the warmth of being inside during these cold Iowa days but does spend a lot of time gazing out the patio door where she often sees her mom, the neighborhood's "wild mama". This mama cat had 4 late summer kittens which I was told wouldn't survive unless someone "rescued" them. I thus decided to once again keep a cat for myself (I once owned several when I lived in Missouri back in the 1960s and then later owned two gorgeous white Persians while in New Mexico) and so Misty is now "rescued" until warmer weather returns at least.

Friday, December 24, 2010

Ice Sailing

Caught this picture of one of our local ice "sailors" yesterday on our now frozen Black Hawk Lake. Unfortunately the close up picture caught him moving thus the blurry image. So far we are having much less snow than this time last year but a "more significant" snowfall is forecast for later in these final days of 2010. These shots were taken from inside my lakeside home where it remains nice and cozy with my wonderful gas fireplace that was installed just a year ago. Ice fishermen have also been out ON the lake in their little huts as well as the snowmobilers. Haven't seen any trucks yet but with our below freezing temps. it may not be long before a few trucks will be seen as well. I am already looking forward to seeing BOATs go by my home instead of snowmobilers!!!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Our town's "new blue" look!

Here is a view of the new winter decorations to our downtown light poles. The silvery white garlands and corresponding white on blue banners so beautifully enhance our new blue street lights - street lights that at first caused somewhat of a "stir" among some residents until one got used to them! I think now the majority of our residents really find our uniquely colored utility poles to be quite an attraction to our small town. The deer and sleigh in the background are also a new addition.
The smaller picture shows how these unique poles looked shortly after being installed this past summer. Winter snow makes them really stand out in my opinion. I hear that some travelers come just to see our "new blue" look!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010

Storm of December 11, 2010!! A Night to Remember

This damaged gate to my home was minor compared to the trauma 11 college students and one 1 high school student had to deal with the afternoon of December 11, 2010. These 12 young people (some of who are pictured here) left Lincoln, NE at 11:00 a.m. headed for Storm Lake, Iowa and Buena Vista College. They got as far as the small town of Odebolt, Ia. around 3:00 p.m. in the midst of a growing blizzard. Their road to Storm Lake was closed to even snow plows so they opted to drive the 15 miles to my hometown since two of the students knew where I lived. It took them close to 3 hours to drive that 15 miles!!! As one student said, "it was the grace of God" that got them through zero visibility. To add to their dilemma, there was a snow drift so high just 4 houses from mine that was impassable causing them to even have to walk the rest of the way to warmth and food!!

Saturday, December 4, 2010

My personal Christmas decorations

A few of my personal home decorations for this year. Of course, the real reason for the season is the Nativity scene which includes a miniature nativity "tree" that lights up. Then NOTICE my unique palm tree!! Since I won't be having any family "home for Christmas this year" I decided I didn't need a traditional tree. The 3rd item is a musical skating snowbear that also lights up. If you should happen to visit my home you will also see a lighted pueblo village on my fireplace ledge which represents my love of the Southwest. My fireplace has gotten a lot of use already this year!! Stay warm!