Tuesday, April 30, 2013

First Coffee at the Cabin for 2013

The popular "Coffee at the Cabin" get togethers has begun again for the year 2013. Chilly weather doesn't prevent this event from taking place thanks to the cozy fireplace that the Bettin family so willingly make available for us.  As usual delicious refreshments and warm coffee added to the many conversations shared among those in attendance.  I, myself, wasn't able to stay long at this one due to another meeting out of town I had to attend but heard that everyone had a great time.  Since starting these coffee get togethers, a pattern has evolved where most of them are scheduled on the last Wednesday of the month during our spring - fall months.  That means that the next one will  probably be on the 29th of May if all goes as  planned.  Even though it is mostly women who come there have been several male participants and they are certainly welcome.

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

April "After school fun" 2013

Here are some of the fun activities children got to enjoy recently during our weekly "after school hour" on Mondays.  We finally had nice enough weather on this particular day to let the kids have some out door fun. Everyone enjoys blowing bubbles!  Even adults!  Assistant Joyce even demonstrated the old fashion game of hot scotch for the kids and probably slept quite well later that evening! Ms. Marcia let the kids use playdoh to create figures from a story she read to them. From the looks of the book's cover it was a story about a caterpillar! We are all hoping for many more warm days ahead for more outdoor fun.

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Libri Foundation Donations - 2013

 Every three years the Libri Foundation gives small libraries the opportunity to acquire new books for children.  All a library has to do is obtain matching funds up to $300.00.  The local Friends of the Library group that is part of this library have again helped. As library director I had a specific list of books from which I could choose up to $200.00 worth of books.  Those books have arrived and our pictured here,.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Mini Easter Egg Hunt

 Decided to have a mini Easter egg hunt in the library on our Monday "After school hour" the Monday following Easter Sunday.  Since it was still a vacation school day, we didn't have the usual large number of students in attendance making it easier to have the hunt indoors what with the much cooler April we have been having this year.  Any kind of "hunt" seems to be a popular activity and these children were no exception.  Ms. Marcia and I are hoping for warmer weather to become more of a constant reality so we can have the Monday after school kids enjoy more outdoor games. 

Monday, April 8, 2013

Pelicans Return - April 2013

April 2013 and here come the pelicans again. Just in time for the town's annual Pelican Fest which is still scheduled for this coming weekend of April 14th.  Unfortunately, with no fish in the lake yet this year, they may not stick around long for the weekend events if they decide to find a more palatable place to feed. These two were swimming right up to my shoreline yesterday but when I stepped outside to take this picture they turned and fled back across the lake where there were several more gathered -  probably searching hopelessly for something to eat.  Wish they could help clean up the dead fish still remaining along everyone's private "beaches" from the big fish kill of last fall.
As for this weekend events - there is a pancake breakfast/lunch scheduled to help raise funds for the new playground equipment, a pelican pedal event for kids and the ever increasing popular "Pelican Plunge" into the waters at Crescent Beach.

Saturday, April 6, 2013

Elephant Window Display

The library has been "invaded" by elephants galore for the month of April!!  This particular collection is owned by Carla Lawrence of Wall Lake. There are enough elephants that our library display designer made use of two top shelves above some of our magazines to help showcase the items.
I have been remiss lately in keeping up with some of our library displays. We have had displays of items related to a child's firemen items and a colorful collection of Blenko glassware. It never ceases to amaze me at all the different collections people do have and are willing to share with the library.