Tuesday, August 31, 2010

2nd Annual Kid's Pioneer Day

Another successful Kid's Pioneer Day was held at the authentic log cabin here in Lake View. The events included some new "stations" as well as the candle making, sack races and the 'old scrub board washer tub from last year. Our newest additions were the arrival our Nebraska "mountain man", a very dear neighbor friend of mine, members of a spinners/weaver guild, and natural cloth dyeing by one of our local teachers. Another new addition that we plan to definitely expand next year is the "dress up clothes" and school room experience. The girls (didn't have any clothes for the boys) really enjoyed this new event and our "pioneer teacher" has been rehired for next year. Another popular "station" from last year was the log cutting area although this year our "logsman" had bark whistles for the kids to learn how to make. Last year they got to see how he made and full size bed from tree logs. The bed is now in the loft of the cabin.
A new log cabin scheduled for this coming weekend is a "pioneer sing a long" with hot dogs and chips. More info on that in a later blog.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Southwest furniture

Just a few shots of some really unique home furnishings I saw while visiting a friend in Santa Fe this summer. I love all the native style fireplaces. As mentioned on an earlier blog posting, my friend's home has 5 of these unique fireplaces!! The top picture is my own gas fireplace that was just put in this past winter---- just in time for the big ice storm that knocked our power!! It has a southwest look as well but not as authentic as the ones in Santa Fe!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

"cool" convertibles!

Aren't these some really "cool" rides!!? They both belong to some very special friends. And notice the fancy wall mural that is located on the back wall of a unique pizza shoppe in Omaha. If ever you are in Omaha you need to go visit the Pizza Shoppe at 6056 Maple Street. Eat some great pizza, hear some live music and find out the story behind this elaborate mural ... and there is much more to this pizza eatery!

Monday, August 16, 2010

2 Special Birthday Parties

I had the pleasure of attending two very special birthday parties recently. One was a "Wild Animal" party for a 3 year old relative which included specially designed "animal cookies", a tiger cake and tiger pinata. The other was a musical party which was actually part of a scheduled musical performance by one group of high school age musicians. These talented young people are part of a special group of musicians who audition to be part of a musical group. The group pictured are playing at the Pizza Shoppe in the Benson area of Omaha, Nebraska. The birthday cake depicts a guitar in honor of one of the guitar player's 14th birthday. He is also a special friend of mine. My best wishes to him as he continues to grow musically!!

Wednesday, August 11, 2010

More Library Fun

More highlights from the last event of this year's summer reading program.
A race between a turtle and a salamander resulted in..... THE TURTLE WON! AGAIN!
Bubble blowing pictures were done by all present and was a big hit. Rene Stroud was again a great presenter and I look forward to having her do future presentations once we know when the library's foundation work will begin and end.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

My "pioneer family"

My special "pioneer family" as we rode on one of the Lake View water parade floats this summer. My family consisted of two of my grandchildren and a special friend of my granddaughter. I hadn't ridden on one of these floats since childhood which is obviously many years ago. The abundance of insects hasn't decreased any at all so this will probably be my last time to willingly ride on one of these special floats. Can't speak for the other family members.
We will be having a second annual "Kids Pioneer Day" at a REAL log cabin recently restored here in town so be watching for pictures of that great event later in the month.