Monday, April 16, 2012

2nd Annual Pelican Plunge

This year's 2nd Pelican Plunge was another huge success with even the weather cooperating - temperature wise anyway. We could have done with much less wind as I think gusts were in the 40s at times. We even had an entry this year in memory of the sinking of the Titanic. I was unable to get a better shot of the 3 female "ice bergs" but what a creative idea with Sara "Titanic" running into her "ice berg" friends and thus sinking! The "fe -male" Men's Club bathtub crew are always a favorite in any of our local events. The Plunge was again sponsored on behalf of autism and Team Tyler were winners of the Plunge Trophy! One of our good sport policemen again took the plunge but decided to merely walk in this year as I guess he was on official duty and didn't want to get his badge wet! Our mayor was again the "opening" plunge. Hats off to him along with the grand finale plunge/dive of our city administrator!

Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Gallery of "Puzzles"

Pictured here are some of the 14 completed puzzles now on display at the library. They were done by "yours truly" as this is my other pasttime next to reading! My lakeside home came already equipped with a large square table that makes it easy to have a puzzle in progress and still have room to eat upon without disturbing the puzzle work. Even though 14 are now on display, there are still 4 more still on walls in my home as all the puzzles now on library display will be returned to their wall space in my home at the end of March. As one views the display they can see that there are a variety of themes with an emphasis on outdoor scenes or horses. A 4 foot tall puzzle of the Statue of Liberty is also on display.