Monday, March 25, 2013

Murder Mystery Dinner Production- 2013

Lake View's first ever such dinner theater production was held in March of 2013 in the old high school gymnasium.  This location brought back many memories to many of us who were not only in the "cast" but for many in attendance at the meal as the stage in this gym was the site of many play and musical productions before the new additions were added to the school.
The title of the mystery was" Murder on the Black Hawk Casino" and was directed by Paul W. of Murder 4 Fun. Cast characters represented a mob boss and his wife from Chicago who were hoping to convince local residents to approve a floating casino on Black Hawk Lake. Characters in favor of this were the president of the chamber of commerce, a wealthy real estate saleman along with his spoiled daughter. The town mayor was somewhat undecided along with his teenage son.  Those characters against the casino were an avid environmentalist and one of the town's weatlthy widows. The "play" allowed for a lot of local jibes that brought laughter from not only the audience but even from some of us in the cast as we tried to "stay in character" while on stage. 
Since the performance was held on two nights, the murdered victim and murderer were different causing some of the characters to have to change some speaking lines to accomodate this change.
Hats off to the great crew who decorated the room and another round of applause is due the two "mom and pop" type restaurants that were the sole means of caterers for the delicious meal that was provided. 
I am hoping Lake View will be able and willing to do this again in the near future (several months in the future at least) despite the fatigue that can be seen on some of those who did the most in putting all the fine details together to make it the success it was!

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

The FAME 2013 Show Choir in Orlando

I had the absolute joy of getting to watch live the FAME 2013 annual show choir competitions from Orlando, Florida, this past week.  The event was held in the Hard Rock Cafe's special Live Auditorium.The main reason I wanted to attend was because the grandson of one of my dear friends was one of the band members of this group.  The group pictured here are from Omaha's Westside High School.  They did an absolute awesome job and took 2nd place which qualified them to go on to the national championships in Chicago should they decide to make that trip. Wish I could share the dvd of their performances on this site but any reader of this blog will just have to try and see it on the FAME show choir website.